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Privacy Notice

We respect the privacy of our visitors and are aware of the importance of protecting the information we collect about our visitors. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, store and use the personal information you provide to us. As part of our commitment to protecting your privacy and security, our website has been verified by Cybertrust.

    This Privacy Policy explains to you:
        What personal information do we collect from you and how do we collect it?
        How will Cookies be used? What is Cookies?
        How will this information be used?
        To whom will we share your personal information?
        Where do we process your personal information?
        Marketing Subscription and Unsubscribe Terms
        How do I view and update your personal information?
        How to protect your personal information?
        Why do we link to other sites?
        How will we make changes to this policy?
        Where are you and how to ask or ask us about this policy?

    If you are under 16 years of age, we ask that you inform your parents or guardians of our privacy policy and obtain their consent before registering, subscribing, or placing an order.

What personal information do we collect from you and how do we collect it?

    We collect personal information when you sign up or subscribe to the services we provide or do the following: place orders, purchase gift cards, use our online services, or interact with us in any way (such as through social media , Click on our ads on this website or other sites, use our private shopping service, ask for information or ask for help, write other blogs or articles related to our services to give comments or other feedback, participate in us or sponsors To participate in sweepstakes or special promotions, to subscribe to our offers or other notices, to participate in surveys or to fill out surveys, etc.). By registering, subscribing or using our services, you agree that we will use your personal information in accordance with this policy. We may also obtain information about you through our group or with third parties who have business dealings with us.

    The personal information we collect and save may include your name, e-mail address, phone number, mobile number, home address, delivery and bank card billing address for payment, IP address, search criteria, shopping history, (Browser is the program you use to browse the site, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari), the number and duration of your visit to the site, referral url (the URL of the site you want to visit) The URL that connects you to our site), cell ID (the special encoding of the communications tower used when you use the location-based service on your phone or tablet), and other location information (such as GPS measurements), photos and Other details shared when using our services, birth date, password details, answers to security questions, and other information you may provide to us.

    We may record or listen to calls made to you or calls you make to us. This is for security and in-house training purposes and is designed to bring you better service.

How will Cookies be used? What is Cookies?

    We and our business partners will use cookies to collect information about your use of our online services. Cookies are very small files that we send to your computer or other access device, and we can read them when you visit our site in the future. Cookies help us remember your identity and other access information, and help sites display relevant content that interests you. Most mainstream sites use cookies.

    If you need more information on how we use cookies, please read our cookie policy.

How do I use this information?

    Once you have provided us with your personal information, we will comply with the relevant privacy laws and in accordance with this policy in the information you fill out, any relevant terms and conditions, and links to the data entered in the relevant page and e-mail set purpose Use of your personal information.

    When you use our services: When you use any of our services, register or participate in our activities, set up, view or change your account information, contact your private shopping consultant or our customer service team members, we will Record your personal information. Your information will be prioritized to provide the product, service or information you are inquiring about and to bring you a personalized shopping experience. (Ii) credit checks or assessments; (iii) certifications and identity checks; (iv) accounting, billing and auditing; (ii) credit checks or assessments; (Vi) data matching and deduplication, statistical analysis, and market analysis; (iii) data collection and analysis; (iii) data collection and analysis; (d) credit card, debit or other payment card verification and verification; (v) debt recovery; (vi) safety, security, health, training, regulatory and legal purposes; As well as market information; (viii) advertising and market content for our, our group and third party partners; (ix) development, testing and maintenance systems; (x) research, survey and development; (xi) customer surveys; (Xiii) be used by law or in connection with a legal action or legal dispute; (iv) any other services that may be used in connection with your use of the Service in connection with your Our services are covered by the Terms and Conditions mentioned in the Terms of Use. For the purposes described above, we may disclose your personal information to one or more other organizations identified as "to whom we will share your personal information?".

    In addition to our payment partners, your saved card information will not be shared with any third parties and will only be used to process your order through our payment partner system.

    We may also use your personal information to send you marketing-related information, which you can find in the next section.

    Track how our online services are used: We collect and share information about visitors who use our online services through third-party partners and analyze them to understand how our customers use our site. This will help us bring better service. It is also possible to give visitors anonymous data to other trusted organizations, but the information provided will never contain information that will allow them to identify you. If you need to learn more about how we use cookies, please read our cookie policy.

    Make our online services and ad delivery goals even more personal: we'll use them to better understand your interests and preferences about the personal information you provide and the information we collect through cookies when you use the online service. We may further use this information to ensure that when we send you marketing information, you will not miss the offer or any content that may interest you when you visit our website or use our online services. This information may also be used by our third-party advertising agency or network to deliver products and services to you or third-party partners when you visit third-party partner sites and online services. If you need to learn more about how we use cookies, please read our cookie policy.

    Comment: If you give us feedback, we may use it to improve our services and may release them online or offline to improve our business and services. We'll get your license before release.

Feedback and comments about our online service: If you would like to post a comment on a blog or article related to our services, we may (but are not obliged to) publish it online or offline to improve our Business and service. We will obtain your name or user name and will appear next to your comments and email address. This section will not be published, but we may contact you for your comments.

    Mobile phone service: When you apply for our mobile phone service, we may record your mobile phone number, mobile phone manufacturer and model, operating system of mobile phone and your network provider details. We will link a special identifier to your mobile number, at the same time, your device language, App language, country and other settings will be saved. This information will be used to provide relevant functionality and content on our mobile devices. Our Givenchy mobile phone service will use your address to show you the nearest Givenchy shop. We may also use the information for SMS, voice market information and market research.

    Social Networks: If you are following and interacting with our third-party social media platforms, such as the Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ pages, the information you provide applies to both the third-party partner's privacy policy and This Privacy Policy.

    Direct Marketing: For information on how we market to you, please refer to the Marketing Subscription and Deprovision Terms section.

    Customer Surveys: We will occasionally ask you about our services, our shopping experience and our products. When we conduct a survey or ask you to fill out a questionnaire, we may use cookies and may combine information collected from cookies with your answers.

To whom will we share your personal information?

    We will share your information with other companies within the Group and may use them for commercial purposes in accordance with their privacy policies, including: financial statements and financial analysis, strategic planning, customers to ensure a consistent understanding of the customer base Classification and metrics optimization, investigation and analysis to help us provide the right products and more accurate product recommendations in the future, improve the efficiency of marketing advertising, the creation of inspiring content and text content, the development of new products and designer brands Cooperation Opportunities. Your information will also be used to provide more personalized marketing content in your mobile phone, mail, email, SMS or other channels (electronic or otherwise), and you expressly consent to this use.

    Sometimes we employ third-party business partners to provide your information or to collect personal information on our behalf. We may share or match your personal information to third-party business partners to provide the products, services, or information you request, or to serve ads that meet your interests. We may share your information with one or more of the following organizations: (i) data processing companies, postal companies, and other third party suppliers representing the Group; (ii) advertising agencies and other advertising intermediaries; (Iv) graduate students, universities or other research and development institutions; and (v) regulators, governments or law enforcement agencies, such as police stations, for the purpose of investigating or preventing fraud.

    We occasionally receive requests from government departments, police stations and other law enforcement agencies. If such a situation occurs and there is a reasonable legal basis, we will provide your personal information to the relevant agencies.

    We will organize and review site traffic, sales data, wish lists, and other business information, and we may share it with third-party partners. This data does not contain any information that may identify you.

Where do we process your personal information?

    When we use your personal information in accordance with the above-mentioned purposes in this policy, we may send your information outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Prior to this, we will ensure that you take the necessary steps to protect your personal information and rights. When you provide us with personal information, you automatically agree that we may transfer, store and process your personal information outside the European Economic Area (EEA). In some countries, such as the United States, governments have broad rights to access information for security reasons, crime prevention and detection, and law enforcement purposes.

Marketing Subscription and Unsubscribe Terms

    You can subscribe to our news alerts and fashion information based on your preferences. We can discuss your preferences by phone, online chat, email, text message and / or direct mail, including: new products, new features, enhanced features, special offers, upgrades, contests, interesting Events and one-time promotions. If you change your mind, you can choose to unsubscribe from these notifications.

    If you participate in promotions or participate in events organized or sponsored by us, we or our third-party partners may ask you if you would like to subscribe to the marketing content. Other companies in the Group may also share your personal information with us for marketing purposes.

    The marketing content you subscribe to will be sent by the Group only.

    You have the right to request that we not use your personal information for commercial purposes. If you change your mind, you will have the opportunity to unsubscribe from any services or reminders that you have subscribed to at any time. You can find out how to unsubscribe from any direct marketing message we send to you. You can also sign in to My Account to change your subscription settings.

    If you tell us that you do not wish to receive direct marketing mail, we will continue to contact you in order to provide the products and services you require and for administrative purposes.

How do I view and update your personal information?

    You have the right to view the information we hold about you, except in certain circumstances described in this Privacy Policy. If you need to back up your personal information, please contact our privacy officer by e-mail.

    You have the right to view and update your profile. If, for any reason, you are concerned that the personal information we retain is incorrect, please visit this website. After logging in, using the "Sign In" menu on the home page, your personal information will be displayed in the "My Account" section for you to view and change. You may only use your password and user ID to view your personal data through our online service only if you, or at your request, the Customer Service Team represent you. You can change the information online in My Details, Delivery Information, and My Mail Settings. You can change or delete the details of a saved credit / debit card each time you make a purchase. You can also delete saved credit / debit card details by adding or editing a goods receipt / billing address. If you change the billing address or the shipping address during the order processing, the order will be processed again after the security validation check.

How to protect your personal information?

    We will use reasonable care and take appropriate measures to ensure that the information you provide to us is safe, complete and confidential. Our technology and security policies are designed specifically to protect your personal information. We also take appropriate security measures in accordance with applicable privacy laws. These measures cover the storage, use and disclosure of the information you provide, as well as measures designed to prevent unauthorized access to and use of personal information. When you place an order or access your account information, we encrypt it using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption before your message is sent to us to protect your information from unauthorized access. use.

Why do we link to other sites?

    Our online services include hyperlinks that link you to sites owned and operated by other organizations. These sites have their own privacy and cookie policies, and we encourage you to read them carefully. These policies dictate how the relevant organization will use the personal information you provide or the data collected from the cookie. We do not authorize any other website to be held responsible for the information, materials, products or services that appear or be available on the site, or for the privacy practices of sites operated by other organizations. If you use the relevant website, you need to bear all risks at your own risk.

How will we make changes to this policy?

    We may occasionally update this privacy policy. It is recommended that you double-check before providing us with personal information or using our website.

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